Ants can be irritating in your home or office spaces

Ants can be very frustrating especially in winters. It is not easy to locate their nest and if you kill one or two, it won’t stop ants from coming into your home. They are very hardworking insects that are known to bring food for them even on the coldest day. Most commonly found species of ants are fire ant, pavement ant and carpenter ants. Normally, they will run away from light but the biting behavior of these pest increases when the temperature goes low outside making them terribly creepy inside your four walls too. Their bites hurt a lot and have a severe allergic reaction on some people which results in swelling, redness and pain at that area. There are many types of sprays available in markets to kill ants. But these sprays can be harsh to your family and pets as well so it is recommended to use natural methods such as using an ant repellent spray, home remedies or a DIY household spray that works great on them.

The ways to get rid of ants are :-

·   Put dry leaves in places where you find ants often – they won’t come again when disturbed by the sound produced while walking over the dry leaves.

·   Spray citronella oil near their trails – wherever ants are active you can spray this non toxic essential oil, but make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with any living being (especially kids).

·   Use cinnamon powder – spread some cinnamon powder at the entrance of their nest.

Insects are a common occurrence in any of our lives. They can be very harmful and cause major damage to our homes, properties, health and each one of us. In an effort to keep insects out or away from being near humans, several insecticides have been developed. However insect control remains a key issue that is tackled by entomologists who play a crucial role in keeping the society healthy by protecting the public from the harmful effects these pests can bring about. From household pests like cockroaches to agricultural ones such as termites, there has been a rise in new species of insects every day that needs to be controlled immediately before they spread over quickly and harm people’s comfortability and health conditions greatly. Some of them include:

Cockroaches – These pests are the leading cause of allergic disease and asthma among children. They can spread bacteria that could make humans sick or even transmit diseases to them through their saliva, feces and eggs.

Ants – Ants enter homes in search of water and food. They build nests close to furnaces, heaters or other sources of warmth or moisture. Ants also infest structural voids seeking wood fiber to support their large colonies. Alarmingly, they can live indoors undetected for several months during winter, spring and summer waiting for an opportunity entrance into your home when it becomes warmer inside than outside again. When a colony reaches economic maturity in late fall or early winter with sufficient storage of food reserves gathered throughout the summer and fall, it will stop taking in new workers. At this point, the colony often sends out hundreds to thousands of winged males and females (referred to as swarming) to a warmer location where they will not die from exposure. Many domestic ant species living within wood structures are great colonizers and have been found foraging over 100 ft from their parent nest site looking for food or water. Ants reproduce rapidly under favorable conditions; one queen can produce more than 2,000 eggs per day during warm summer months but as many as 60,000 eggs on a cold winter night.

Ants – if you see ants around the front door of your home then there is a very high chance that these pests would be crawling inside soon. It is best to keep the entry points sealed as soon as possible and call an exterminator immediately.

Ants – if you see ants around the front door of your home then there is a very high chance that these pests would be crawling inside soon. It is best to keep the entry points sealed as soon as possible and call an exterminator immediately.

Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests in U.S., but they can also cause allergic reactions among individuals who are hypersensitive to them. They lay eggs, which hatch into nymphs, and are quite resistant to pesticides. There’s no evidence that mosquitoes transmit disease-causing organisms via their saliva or other body fluids during a meal. The mosquito must inject its saliva into you for a disease to be transmitted. Usually a female mosquito will inject an anti-coagulating agent which keeps the blood liquid so they can feed longer, hence allowing them to transmit more diseases.  

Many people do not realize that mosquitoes have been proven to transmit many diseases and harmful organisms from person to person including the following: Dengue Fever Parasites in genus Plasmodium, filarial worms Babesia and Rickettsia bacteria Yellow fever virus Herpesviruses (St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus) Malaria Filarial worms Leishmaniasis Spirillum minus Chikungunya Virus Encephalitis St. Louis encephalitis virus Measles virus Yellow fever virus

Termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage to homes and buildings annually. It is estimated that the total cost of termites in the United States amounts to more than $5 billion per year. If your home is damaged by a termite infestation, you could face repair costs exceeding twenty times the value of your whole property. Termites are eusocial insects that live in colonies with overlapping generations, mostly found in tropical and sub-tropical regions throughout the world. Some species also inhabit temperate regions such as North America and Europe, using shelter construction material to survive below ground where temperatures remain fairly constant year round.

Many people confuse cockroaches for bed bugs even after they have been identified correctly. The main reason is, most people only see a cockroach in their homes when they are visiting an unclean place. But cockroaches can create a nuisance at your home even if you live in the cleanest and hygienic environment. Cockroaches have become one of the major pests that cause health hazards to humans around the world. Cockroaches carry pathogens on their body surfaces which may infect humans when contaminated food or water is consumed or by direct contact with cockroach excrement, saliva, and other filth contaminated items. Some common diseases carried by roaches include: Salmonellosis Food poisoning Dysentery Typhoid Fever Diarrhea Viral hepatitis Parasites

Cockroaches – If seen coming out of kitchen cabinet, then this could lead to a disaster in your house. They not only cause financial loss but also make the place very unhygienic as they are carriers of various diseases. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is by seeking professional help and contacting Pestmaster, which is one of the trusted names in pest removal services for such kind of problems.

Nuisance or disease causing rodents have been a problem in homes for centuries but advances in pest control and sanitation have made them less visible than ever before.  

In fact, rodent infestation has become so common that it often goes unnoticed until it reaches an advanced stage and requires immediate pest control treatment .  Rodent infestation can prove to be dangerous in many ways and cause major health hazards. Rats and mice can transmit diseases such as Salmonella, Listeriosis, Leptospirosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, etc., to humans by contaminating food or via their feces. Rodents can also damage property by chewing through electrical wiring or even gnawing on the walls in an effort to get at any available food source. In fact rats are smart enough to find weak spots even in a concrete wall and make one hole that will allow them access into your home for food/water.

Pestmaster prides itself on providing cost effective pest control solutions from its years of experience and ongoing training of our workforce. Our services include:

Inspection and Identification : A thorough inspection of the affected areas is carried out. A thorough check of the house and its surroundings are done to locate any entry points that may have been overlooked by customers themselves or where pest infestations can occur in future. This helps us develop an effective pest control strategy according to the requirements of our customers.

Cockroach Control:  Cockroaches are usually not seen until they inhabit a home, as these insects tend to hide during daylight hours and come out at night for food and water. They prefer warm, dark places that are rarely disturbed. These include under furniture or between cushions on sofas; behind wall hangings etc. Pestmaster offers tailor-made cockroach control solutions to help you get rid of them at their source.

Our customised cockroach control services include:

Deep Cleaning of Affected Areas:  Pestmaster uses high-pressure water jets that are capable of removing even the slightest traces of pest excretions and urine from wall surfaces, cracks or crevices. It is a safe and non-toxic method for dealing with such issues without harming people or pets in your home or business. When combined with our disinfectant spray, it can help to ensure that there are no re-infestation for a period of several months at least. Sanitation Measures : Elimination of open food storage containers in buildings is important as rodents will look out for easy access to food sources which may also lead them directly into homes and businesses. Rodents are attracted to open areas like dumpsters or any other places where food is left out.

Pestmaster pest control technicians will ensure that your premises are mice proof and prevent any chances of rodent infestation in the future. This involves installing mesh wire over openings/holes that may be a pathway for rats, squirrels, etc. to enter into your building. They also fit steel wool screens on chimneys and vents through which rodents can gain access into homes.

Rodent Baiting:  Rodents tend to gravitate towards areas with ample supply of food and water. Placing baits at such places can reduce the likelihood of an infestation developing by deterring them from taking up residence there in the first place . Pestmaster provides customised baiting services that involve setting out bait stations in locations where there are high concentrations of rodent activity. In addition to poison baits, the station also has a device that permits safe disposal of dead rodents so you do not have to deal with their remains.

We offer combined service packages for Cockroach and Rodent Control if you require both services at once at your home or business.

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